An integrated yoga practice is about re-patterning your body to help connect it to your inner self, and then linking it to the world around us. So I have come to think the more connected everything is, the more sense it actually makes. I believe connectedness helps us soar, and there are no limits but the horizon.

I already know you agree with me: you’ve been telling us so all year, through the stories you share with us on Facebook and Twitter, and when you visit us at run and cycle events. That is why each season we make certain our t shirts feature art that lives up to the spirit of our amazing YMX community, and an energetic color spectrum to help propel you at the speed of light.

Thanks to your spirit and enthusiasm, this year has been the best year ever for YMX.  You have opened your hearts to us, and we want to reach back with ours.  And what better time to start than right now, with the season of sharing ahead of us?

So over the coming months, we will be introducing you to the YMX you have not yet met. I want you to get to know our fantastic YMX team, through videos and blog posts about what we love most. We will share our favorite things with you, from seasonal foods to spiritual practices, from our newest hoodie designs to our favorite leggings.

We will also try to give you insights into how we usher our line to completion, and our collaborative creative process. It is a journey of discovery for the entire design team here at YMX, a journey we adore, and we want to include you in it.

And so, with that thought, I want to thank you again, from the heart Chakra. I want to extend our wishes, from all of us here in Beautiful Brooklyn, for a bountiful, healthful and meaningful holiday season and all of the riches the coming year has in store for us.