Thank you all for loving, supporting and proudly wearing our products from YMX by YellowMan over the years.

As is the natural cycle of all things, what was once our exciting new beginning has now come to a purposeful end. One that makes space for yet another new adventure. We are truly grateful for your loyalty. We learned a great deal from you-finding our joy by following your hearts. But it is now time that I follow my own. I plan to take some time off this summer to explore what's next for me. It will quite likely involve a new category of products and new videos. I'll send an email blast when there's something to see.

For those of you who may not know about my life outside YMX by YellowMan: I am a yoga teacher from the tradition of Body Mind Centering; a somatic movement educator; an Infant Development Movement Educator; and an aromatherapist certified by Jeffrey Yuen.

Drawing on these varied practices and other significant life experiences, I am confident my next path will present itself soon. Thank you again-from the bottom of my heart-for taking my previous one with me.

I am honored that you all appreciated the beauty, comfort and vision upon which YellowMan was founded. And I am grateful to you for loving, supporting and proudly wearing our products over the years.

Welcome to the World of YMX Athletic Apparel!

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Extraordinary Workout Clothes

YMX activewear provides performance enhancing elements to all sports enthusiasts for an exceptional workout experience. The superior quality, comfort, and unique tattoo patterns are key ingredients of YMX's extraordinary performance and visual appeal. MadKool® high-tech fabrics increase the performance of athletes when engaged in heavy workouts and extreme sports. Another big advantage of MadKool® is that it keeps you dry throughout the toughest workouts because the moisture-wicking fabric dries super-fast. YMX's activewear apparel monitors your body heat to keep you warm in the cold, and cool in extreme heat. With superb MadKool® UV protection, you can challenge yourself in the most unwelcoming outdoor environments.